Thanks to my extensive experience in the translation industry, I am able to offer a variety of language services.




Translation, revision and proofreading from English, German and Friulian into Italian in a variety of sectors, carried out using the latest translation technology (CAT Tools) to ensure consistency and terminology and adequate quality checks prior to delivery. Examples of materials I have worked on include: IT manuals, software applications, mobile phone documentation, videogame consoles, subtitling, patient recruitment materials, e-Learning, marketing collaterals and websites.




I can help adapt your marketing message for the Italian market, while maintaining its original emotional intent, tone of voice and style that will engage with the target audience, to make sure it is as successful abroad, as it is in its original market.




English – Italian interpreting. I can assist clients who require an Italian interpreter in a variety of settings, such as commercial meetings.




I can subtitle using an existing spotting list or I can also provide a time-coded template by using appropriate subtitling software. A subtitling sample is available on request.




If you struggle handling your translation project in-house, I can deal with the whole project cycle from start to finish, in any language required. Thanks to my extensive experience in translation project management, you can rest assured that the most appropriate translator will be selected and your project will be handled in an efficient, cost-effective and professional manner.